What's On Your Mind?

A colouring book by Gyptian

What's On Your Mind is a colouring book produced by Gyptian, specifically for the young children at Al Nas Hospital. The patients - who are being treated for heart disease - often lack an outlet for their thoughts and feelings, which can range from happiness and hope, to loneliness and fear.

What's On Your Mind brings together illustrations by twelve talented artists, and serves as an important outlet for creative and emotional expression for the children. Suitable for all ages, What's On Your Mind is a great opportunity to support mental health in children, as well as to explore your own emotions as an adult. 

Featuring artwork by: Hani Mahfouz, Hicham Rahma, Ingy Hesham, Leila Nassar, Mona El Kateb, Nada Ayman, Nour Hussein, Omar Badran, Sherifa Fahmy, Yara El Malky, Youssef Marzouk, Youssef Sabry

Produced & printed by Gyptian.  

62 pages.

All profits will be donated to Al Nas Hospital.


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