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sherifa el demerdash

Sherifa El Demerdash is a Cairo-based photographer whose work relies on one underlying theme: excellent storytelling. As a result, Sherifa's photographs are about the fleeting moments, the subtle behaviours, and of course the defining messages that make up narrative. While working at a branding agency and putting in crazy hours, she never stops to make the time to appreciate those elements, and construct a visual narrative from behind the lens.



Serabit El Khadem has been inhabited for several thousand years, and is home to the most important Ancient Egyptian site in the Sinai Peninsula, the Temple of Hathor. It is also home to an annual camel race that brings together members of the Sinai's many tribes to compete every year. Most importantly, Serabit El-Khadem is home to several hundred people, living together in a tight-knit community. The residents of Serabit are kind, hospitable, and incredibly in touch with their natural surroundings and their families and friends, perhaps in no small part due to the fact that the town has very limited access to technology: no internet, no television, and limited phone connectivity. The result: a real home, a home to community, to nature, to experiences, to a people who are present in their surroundings every single day.