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See Another Side Volume I

May 15 - May 25, 2019

From May 15-25th, 2019, Gyptian organised its first exhibition at Kodak Passageway in Downtown Cairo, named See Another Side. Gyptian chose to highlight the beauty and diversity of Egypt for this first project, with the title of the exhibition serving as an open invitation for all visitors to come and ‘see another side’ of Egypt through the eyes of the exhibiting artists.

The spread of the medium of photography in Egypt has been rapid over the past years, building on a long tradition of photography in the country. This has resulted in many young photographers being able to demonstrate their artistic capabilities to the world, especially through the advent of social media. See Another Side built on this development, allowing both established artists and up-and-coming talents to display their photography to the general public. 

The 14 featured artists were all young Egyptian photographers who have captured different scenes of everyday life around the country. Their artwork showcased not just the lifestyles and habits of the Egyptian people, but also the vastly different – but still interconnected – locations around the country, from dense cityscapes and bustling markets, to wide open deserts and the aquamarine waters of the sea. 

The goal of the exhibition was to expose visitors to the various sides of Egypt that perhaps they may not have encountered before, and in all cases to highlight the beauty of Egypt, no matter where the photograph was taken.


See Another Side Gallery

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Featured Artists

See Another Side

Our inaugural exhibition, See Another Side featured 14 of Egypt's most exciting photographers.


Alia El Goan


Alia El Goan is an AUC graduate and is currently the Arts & Culture Event Coordinator at Al Ismaelia for Real Estate Investment. As well as being a photographer, she has always been drawn to graffiti and street art. Apart from classical street scenic photography, she has been pushing the boundaries of the arts scene by introducing a new type of mixed multimedia, which merges her images together with street photography. This style is never used in classical photojournalism and documentary photography. On the contrary, it is seen as ‘unethical’, and is only seen in the commercial world and the fashion industry in Egypt. Alia has been taught and mentored by Alaadin Abdel Naby throughout her artistic journey.

Fathi Hawas


Fathi Hawas (b. 1994, Kafr Al Dawwar, Egypt) is an independent visual artist interested in conceptual documentary photography. He graduated from the Faculty of Arts and Design at Pharos University and the Contemporary Art School at MASS Alexandria. He lives in Alexandria where his practice started with discovering the limitations of the photographic medium by experimenting with different tools in the context of discovering ‘Subjective Time”. Fathi’s photography practice can be described as research-based art, concerned with documenting the changes of culture and subculture emotions and the cultural varieties within the city he lives and cities he roams on his feet. This has resulted in his subject matters varying widely in geographical scope, often far away from the centralization of the capital. Hawas has participated in several group exhibitions internationally, including Dubai, Denmark, and London.

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Lamia Hasssan


Lamia Hassan is a Cairo-based freelance producer, an international award-winning journalist, film school graduate and an aspiring, self-taught photographer with a sincere passion for all things photographic, old buildings and beautiful spaces. She enjoys capturing the beauty and chaos of everyday Egypt.

Lara Ingram

Lara Ingram

Lara Maysa Ingram is a London & Cairo based filmmaker & photographer. Working primarily in documentary film exploring topics ranging from cultural appropriation, love & sex in the digital age and resistance through music in Palestine, her photography has always been an outlet for conceptual visual creativity. Infatuated and inspired by women around her, Lara’s photography focuses on portraiture, recapturing the gaze and allowing us to re-imagine outdated representations of women. This approach is taken a step further by using all-female crews to help bring her concepts to life.

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