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omar zaki

Omar Zaki is a Cairo-based Creative Director, film-maker, and photographer. Growing up as a skater in the streets of Cairo, Omar always looked at the urban environment as a playground rather than a city. This “the world is our playground” mindset played a big role in Omar’s inspiration as a photographer. Omar’s knack for adventure eventually led him to travel to remote destinations to capture his photographs. Omar’s passion for photography eventually led to film-making and content creation for major brands including The North Face and Alfa Romeo.



“Bara” is the Arabic word for “outside”. The concept behind “Bara” is to accentuate the beauty that is Egypt. We’re all so busy with our day-to-day, that we sometimes forget to take a moment and just watch. The whole idea behind “Bara” is to remind us that the world is ours and we’re here to play, observe, and learn. So I’ll see you all “Bara”. - Omar Zaki