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omar aboulnaga

Omar AboulNaga, is a 25 year-old architect, interior designer, furniture designer, architectural researcher and artistic photographer. He graduated in 2017 from the faculty of engineering in Cairo University and is currently working as a Teaching Assistant in Cairo University in the department of architecture. Omar started experimenting with photography in 2007, going through phases of street photography, portrait photography and self-portraits. In 2012, Omar began experimenting once again with analog photography and film-making, where he also developed mixing analog and digital techniques in rendering, colouring and retouching his collections. In 2016, he became more dedicated to photography of Cairo's streets and portraits inside and outside his studio. His latest photo collections include shooting Cairo in black and white film and recolouring the output, creating an interpretation of how he sees Cairo.


rubbing nostalgia

The concept revolves around rubbing nostalgia in the faces of those who are keen on choosing outdated post-modern language over contemporary one(s) when designing or choosing designed units in the new satellite cities around Cairo, meanwhile detesting the state at which today's Cairo reached. The collection mainly focuses on creating a nostalgic essence of the neglected parts of Cairo as a wakeup call claiming that real nostalgia is in Cairo not within artificial outdated designs failing to mimic older versions of Cairo.

The photos are all copies of hand-colored 35 mm film prints and each is a copy of only 5 reprints.