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nour el demerdash

Nour El Demerdash is a self-taught Cairo-based photographer who has a BA in Graphic Design and works as an Art Director. She perceives the medium of photography as a form of meditation, succinctly expressed as: 'Our eyes perceive the world differently.' Her work mainly focuses on the identity of Egypt, highlighting local culture and heritage.



“Wherever you are looking, look deeper.”

In our search for “the meaning of life”, we navigate through a multitude of unknowns; people, places and sometimes even a photograph. We deeply fear the unknown. We avoid it, although we may recognize a small hint of our own journey in it. A journey, in order to be complete and whole, must overcome such fear.

Photography can be a powerful catalyst and an unspoken social tool of overcoming our fears... of cherishing, observing and understanding our fellow human beings. A camera obscura, a photograph, can penetrate, (un)obscure and look deep into the depth of a human soul.