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mohamed el gendy

Mohamed El Gendy is a freelance videographer and photographer who is always on the move and always looking for that new angle. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Mechatronics Engineering but chose to follow his hobby turned passion, and pursue a career in the media scene.

Gendy lives by the words “anything for the shot”, which is an accurate description of his process; whatever the risks or conditions, nothing gets in the way of a picture he want to take.

Gendy appreciates and searches out originality, finding it hard to stand out in a world full of imitators and copiers.



“The three pictures I chose to display, to me depict the meaning of beauty in Egypt, and the diversity of its landscapes and colors. The three main colors you see in Egypt are the yellow sands of the desert, the green fields alongside the roads and the bluest of seas bordering our country. I’m always amazed by the diversity this country holds and came to find that there is nothing similar from all my travels.” – Mohamed El Gendy