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Lara Ingram

lara ingram

Lara Maysa Ingram is a London & Cairo based filmmaker & photographer. Working primarily in documentary film exploring topics ranging from cultural appropriation, love & sex in the digital age and resistance through music in Palestine, her photography has always been an outlet for conceptual visual creativity. Infatuated and inspired by women around her, Lara’s photography focuses on portraiture, recapturing the gaze and allowing us to re-imagine outdated representations of women. This approach is taken a step further by using all-female crews to help bring her concepts to life.    



The idea started with Nefertiti & Cleopatra, two of the most mysterious and powerful women in ancient Egypt, and global icons of femininity and beauty. A collaboration with Radical Official magazine, the concept for this shoot was to bring together elements of ancient Egypt with the modern Egyptian woman. It was inspired by ancient times but moving forward to represent what female empowerment looks like today, creating a highly visual and interesting contrast between ancient Egyptian and modern femininity. The women’s power suit, introduced in the 1980s as women started entering the corporate workforce, was a key feature of this shoot, collaborating with Egyptian female designers Farah Wagdy and The King’s Mother.