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Fathi Hawas (b. 1994, Kafr Al Dawwar, Egypt) is an independent visual artist interested in conceptual documentary photography. He graduated from the Faculty of Arts and Design at Pharos University and the Contemporary Art School at MASS Alexandria. He lives in Alexandria where his practice started with discovering the limitations of the photographic medium by experimenting with different tools in the context of discovering ‘Subjective Time”. Fathi’s photography practice can be described as research-based art, concerned with documenting the changes of culture and subculture emotions and the cultural varieties within the city he lives and cities he roams on his feet. This has resulted in his subject matters varying widely in geographical scope, often far away from the centralization of the capital. Hawas has participated in several group exhibitions internationally, including Dubai, Denmark, and London.


Now in a Sub Tense.

Berqash is a small village located in Giza, renowned for its famous camel market which is a major event in the camel trading industry. It attracts traders from Sudan, Libya, and of course Egypt. I was there with my digital and film camera, experimenting with how to be at an event that is happening in the moment and tempts you to document all of its visual elements. These of course include the faces of people, the movements of the camels, and the structure of the environment. I was lost in time while holding my two cameras, between documenting the daily lives of those who exist and interact there, and my existence as someone who was touring the place with only objectivity.