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alia el goan

Alia El Goan is an AUC graduate and is currently the Arts & Culture Event Coordinator at Al Ismaelia for Real Estate Investment. As well as being a photographer, she has always been drawn to graffiti and street art. Apart from classical street scenic photography, she has been pushing the boundaries of the arts scene by introducing a new type of mixed multimedia, which merges her images together with street photography. This style is never used in classical photojournalism and documentary photography. On the contrary, it is seen as ‘unethical’, and is only seen in the commercial world and the fashion industry in Egypt. Alia has been taught and mentored by Alaadin Abdel Naby throughout her artistic journey.



“I thought of combining these two worlds together to create a new type of visual experience in street photography. The real world, which we see in our everyday lives, and the graffitied world that has so many meanings, but that is hidden due to the lack of freedom of expression. The aim of this "mixed media" photography is to send a message; a message that talks about social problems surrounding us. The theme of the artwork represented is a collection of imagery that revolves around religion: a topic often talked about, from our own homes to international news, and found in all cultures around the world. The complete concept can be summed up as: From Cairo to Athens: an open interpretation of Islam through decoded graffiti.”