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About Us

Gyptian is a platform for art & culture.

At Gyptian, we organise exhibitions and art events which bring the art & culture scene together, and provide artists with the means to present and expose their artwork.

The concept behind the name Gyptian is based on dropping the ‘e’ from our identities, the electronic ‘e’ that is so synonymous with the online and digital world.

Instead, Gyptian hopes to inspire interaction with art on a personal, face-to-face level, allowing exhibition visitors to experience art & culture first-hand and reflect on its presence in our everyday lives.

Established just one year ago, Gyptian has since been involved in various projects, as well organising two major exhibitions.

These were See Another Side, a photographic showcase of Egypt through the eyes of both emerging and established photographers, and Connection Cairo, which combined photography and art installations to create a visual & interactive interpretation of Egypt's capital city.

In May 2020, Gyptian produced "What's On Your Mind?", an illustration-based colouring book for young children at Al Nas Hospital. 


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